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Medical practice management software (PMS) deals with the everyday operations of a clinic. Such software allows doctors to enter patient details, schedule appointments, perform billing tasks, perform referral settlements and generate reports quickly and easily, without the hustle of any paper work.

Scenario In India

In the India, many PMS systems are designed for medium to large-sized clinics and hospitals. Few of the softwares are designed for or used by third-party medical billing companies. PMS is often works over a single platform like Windows, very less of them are indeed ready for cross platform measures like Linux & iOS. As the number of Android users are increasing, the need of app based practice management software seems to rise quickly.

Changing Need of Doctors

The desktop version has been in use and the data is managed by single or handful of people. The the practice for doctors is becoming more and more time taking, it is just next to impossible for them to manage these entries by themselves. Hence this work is handed over to the staff. Therefore, it becomes challenge for the software development companies to develop these softwares in such a way that it becomes easy for the staff to perform day-to-day activities, and thus making their life easier too. As the staff are becoming used to with the software, their hustle with the paperwork of making entries, managing logs and keeping them safe has just wiped out.

Solution We’re Providing

Jaspital has addressed to all the issues and developed Rx for the practitioners. Rx comes with rich user interface, cross platform compatibility, that means the doctors or staff can access the utility from any make and model of Desktop, Operating System and even from Mobiles.

Jaspital Rx is the one stop solution for the appointment scheduling, patient management, billing and reporting. In general Rx system is used for assisting the practice with clinical matters and also used for administrative and financial matters. Medical practices often hire different vendors to provide the EMR and PMS systems, Rx has it in one place. Jaspital has been able to get one of the most challenging aspects of the medical practice management software implementation by developing an integrated system for all the challenges that a practitioner faces in performing the day-to-day activity.

How to get started?

If you are a medical practitioner and are looking for well designed and easy to use Electronic Medical Record Management Solution in India, please visit the link to get the details of Jaspital Rx, the complete solution for appointment management, appointment scheduling, medical billing, storing prescriptions and much more. Jaspital has developed this brilliant – easy to use system after intense research with the best practitioners in the country. Thus they deliver value to the users.

You may also click on ‘Request Demo’ button on the page to get free trial subscription.

With EMRs, your organization can help build a healthier future for our nation.

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